Ardo Mortuary Rooms are specialists in the design, supply and install of mortuary chambers. From single door to multi-door configurations, our service is built around you and your process. All our rooms can be provided with either monoblock or remote refrigeration systems in both chill and freeze applications.

Every mortuary room is designed to order and is manufactured to each customers exact specification with a choice of finishes, rack and tray combinations.

Mortuary Room


Mortuary Rooms

Our End-Loading Mortuary Rooms use a modular system that can be scaled to meet any requirement. The internal structure consists of open stainless-steel racking to support either body trays or coffins, allowing an even temperature throughout the cabinet and easy access for practicality and cleaning. No sealant is required in the construction of our chambers.


Mortuary Rooms

A Side-loading Mortuary Room from AMR comes as either  2-tier or 3-tier chamber complete with an insulated roller shutter door. This solution is perfect for those sites that are smaller in operation or with limited space. No sealant is required in the construction of our rooms.


Mortuary Rooms

An Open-Access Mortuary Room is designed around using the trolley system as therefore has no internal racking. These rooms are usually floorless with a larger door for ease of access. This solution is perfect for those sites where speed of movement is key. No sealant is required in the construction of our rooms.

Mortuary Room

Features & Options



85mm PUR Cam Lock Panel

80mm PIR Panel

100mm PIR Panel
(freeze applications)



800mm C/o multi door

Made to measure sliding doors

Made to measure hinged doors

Manual/Electric roller doors



Thru-wall monoblock system

Thru-ceiling monoblock system

Split/remote system



Chill application

Freeze Application


The Mortuary Cold Rooms can also include the internal racking with rollers for the coffins and body trays. Constructed in 2″ x 1″ 16G tube with 2″ diameter ball bearing rollers.

  • Up to 4 Tier
  • Ease of assembly
  • Anti-Bacterial cream coating
  • Stainless Steel or Plastic body trays
  • End-Loading or Side-Loading configurations

Mortuary Room Racking is available in the following sizes:


560mm trays


660mm trays


750mm trays


850mm trays

A combination of racking sizes can be accommodated within all types of mortuary rooms.


Ardo Mortuary Rooms can offer CE safety approved Hydraulic Trolleys with safe working loads up to 320kg

  • CE Safety Certified
  • Anti-Bacterial coating
  • Manual Hydraulic or Electro Hydraulic
  • 3-Tier or 4-Tier extended heights
  • End-Loading or Side-Loading configurations


Refrigeration Systems

If your refrigeration system keeps breaking down, is struggling to reach or maintain temperature, leaking or, has been accidentally damaged, Ardo Mortuary Rooms are specialists in replacing refrigeration systems. Whether monoblock or remote refrigeration systems are required, we can quickly spec, supply and fit a new refrigeration system into your existing room.